I've been trying off and on for years to play stuff like Chuck Ragan, Glen Hansard, Greg Laswell, Frank Turner and stuff like that. I really just want to know the essentials to playing that style because I've been trying to write solo stuff for years. What are the main chords to learn? Any suggestions to get me started?
Have you tried actually sitting and looking at what they do? Try learning some theory, pick apart what they do and how they do it and then work from there.
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I'm used to doing vocals in bands so this is going to sound super stupid but how exactly do I listen for the theory?
LOL THAT DID SOUND SUPER STUPID. but its ok..its all part of learning..hell wasnt till a few weeks ago..i didnt even know sowing the yard ment planting grass...haha

but you dont listen for the music theory in the song..you have to research and read and watch videos on it...

but it sounds like to me you just wanna learn a few chords so search a song you wanna learn pick one with these chords a b c d e f g..and learn that song