Im looking for a new guitar and I'm realy not sure what one to get, I play a lot of stuff like bad religion, anti-flag, strike anywere, that kind of stuff so i need a satin finished neck so I can move my hand fast. I'm hoping for somthing that is vintage looking ( like danlectros, fender mustang offsets, mosrites, etc.) but looks don't realy matter. At the moment I have a camoflauge ibanez RG so I need a tremolo that's like an edge or Floyd rose.
I just bought a schecter stargazer in crimson ghost, basically a rip-off of a rickenbacker, but it is now my favorite guitar. I play just about everything, and the coil tap is definitly a bonus. The neck is also flatter than most, and it seemed odd at first, but it helps to grip the fret board. It's also much more afordable than a rickenbaker.
I'd recommend a Fender HSS Strat of some variety.

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