im looking for a track recorder. Like a 8 track 16 track. I want to hook monitors up to it. and make it my prime recording gear for my music. I currently have the dp 004 and tone port ux2. I think i baught the wrong stuff. Please point me in the right direction. also a way to get drum loops on there.
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Tone port ux2
tascam dp4
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The toneport and your guitar are all you need to record that...and the UX2 offers mic inputs so you can also mic amps or other things up easily.

the Tascam dp 004 is a digital multi track recorder which has nothing to do with the Toneport. I think these are ok units but quite limited to how much you can record on them.

Keep the toneport and buy Reaper. At that point you will be able to record as many tracks as you want and apply many different effects.

Read the pinned resource thread at the top for more info.