Before I made the transition to Les Pauls (which I certainly don't regret ), I played a Strat. I found it and realized that it's not a terrible guitar. Here's the plan:

Replace pickups
Replace tone/volume knobs
Replace pickup switch top thing (the plastic piece)
Replace pickguard
Replace pickup covers
Paint guitar body
Paint headstock

To sum that up, i'm replacing everything but the wood, and i'm painting the body and headstock.

I'm going to go with a scheme somewhat like this: http://www.cliffsjam.com/HellecasterStratBlueFrontMID.jpg

Except I have a brown fretboard and the headstock will be black.

Here's my questions:
1. Can I paint the headstock with normal paint?
2. Where can I get the body painted?

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
1. sure y not
2. anywhere. u probably know someone. i do computer work for they auto body shop next door to my work, and he paints my guitars.
So just spray painting the headstock won't hurt it or peel or anything?
Do you know what the body wood is?
If it's plywood, it's not worth it.
..I was watching my death.