Its a marshall and a stack so i figure it will be good...

not really that much of a n00b, but just thought id spread the love for the mg....

this is a joke btw peeps. just thought id show the lengths marshall went to to get the mg out there...
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hmmmmm, maybe? I just scored a 6505+ w/cab for $1050 ex demo!!! better value than the marshall imo
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ARE YOU TONE ******ED??????

Thats not a dig either, its a serious question!!!!!!!!!

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Marshalls are awesome. Stacks are awesome. Marshall stacks are the greatest things known to man. See my sig.

To anyone who missed the thinly veiled MG hates...

Tim my serious friend, what you are bidding on is NOT what I am talking about. Firstly, the head is in the MG family - ask around here about what people actually think of the MG series. Yes it's the king of the MG series, but being the king of a shit country is still shit. There is no love for this amp. Ever.

The cabinet is small, and loaded with shitty speakers. I mistook it for a 2x12 when I first saw the MG412A. It's rubbish.

To summarise, I got a TSL100 head (RRP $3300) and 1960A cab (RRP $1600) for $1500 second hand. It fukcing rocks. I love it. Do your shopping. You can do so much better for the money.

And yeah. If you missed the gist of it, DON'T BUY THIS AMP.
Marshall amplifiers are the truest purveyors of rock and roll known to man.

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Holy crap, check this out!
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Its A ****ing Joke Post

its okay guys, i have better taste in amps than this, just thought id post another overpirced aussie amp..
An orange Marshall... Wat?

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Just bought one of these today, guess I shoulda researched more
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I have seen too many of those in my town
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WEEEEEEEEE! Only $1200 for an MG????? Let me at it!

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just weighing up wether it's worth the move from UK to aus to take up such a sweet deal??
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