So a chick i know from work just invited me to jam with her and her band.

I've only been playing a year and 2 months, but IMO i'm not that bad for how long i've been playing, i know a few songs i can play through,

They're willing to let me jam with them as they want another guitarist, we all listen to the same music as well so that's good.

However I'm not all that confident in my self. I sorta think i can do it, but at the other stage i know 3-4 songs i can play all the way through, but they're willing to help me out. They've been playing for 2-3 years, (drums bass, lead guitarist)

Do you guys have any tips on jamming with others? Would be great for me, I practice 4-5 hours a day and i can generally learn a new song within an hour or two without much trouble depending on what it is, and start playing along with the mp3 in a week or two. quite alright, not great but alright.

Do you guys ahve tips for playing with others? anything i should try do?
relax same rules as hanging out with people just thta now youre jamming with them
if they are wiling to help you they wont mind a few mistake if you are dedicated and what not
just practice with them, that's all
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tips for playing with others - be gentle, use lubricant...?

Erm, otherwise I would just be confident but willing to listen to everyone else. Don't turn your amp up too loud (like my other guitarist, he loooves his Mark V loud...) and don't shit on other people. Never point out people's mistakes. They're likely as nervous as you. Just be chilled and cool. And drunk.
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don't be shy. and try to play along with them. Like, don't randomly play a riff from a song you know when it doesn't fit in with the beat. Like, for example, I was jamming with my friends, and we were playing like reggae and then one of my friends started playing a metallica riff.
Ya what the others said. Just be cool and chill. Don't come on too strong. Let them get used to you. Then stuff will work out just nice =)
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They're likely as nervous as you. Just be chilled and cool. And drunk.
...I'm not too sure about the drunken part. I had a drummer try out for my and once, he came over, seemed like an alright guy, could atleast throw down a complex rock beat. Came over a second time, with a liter of vodka. Me and the drummer get WASTED and hes now all insecure and starts bitching about how people don't like his drumming, that this band is going to make it big, cause thats what he really wanted to do; make it big. It was a huuuuge turnoff, he got all insecure n such.

Just keep your cool, be already warmed up, and most of all have a fun time.
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Learn a bunch of well known songs. Learn some basic scales. Learn some chords. I was jamming with this one dude two weeks ago, and it was hell. He didn't know any scale other than E minor, and he didn't know a single song. It was the biggest waste of time of my life.
Oh, be modest too. Don't absolutely crank your amp, unless everyone else is doing it. Don't play while other people are talking. That shit bothers the **** out of me too.
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If you're not playing an actual song (as in just jamming on a blues or something) listen for space in the mix, play what is needed by the piece and not just what you want.

If you're playing actual songs that you all know just relax, don't worry about making mistakes and make sure you listen to the drummer, no matter what anyone says if you're out of time with the drummer it sounds like you're the one who's wrong.
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