I got my boss RC-50 looper a while ago and was using with a DR-3 midi sync worked fine having the drum machine as a slave,
I have now moved on to using ableton Live 8 to compose and use it for drums instead of the Dr-3.

The problem is that i cant figure out how to sync there tempos, and if there is anyway i can start and stop the songs on ableton through the RC-50, does anyone else use this setup? or have something similar?

im using a UM-1ex USB midi interface to connect the RC-50 midi to my laptop.

That sounds possible, but I don't know if the RC-50 can start and stop ableton. You'll get a much better answer on the ableton forums, nobody on UG (especially in GG&A) will get you a great answer.

My advice? Try messing with the midi settings in Live's preferences, and then read the RC-50 manual to see what it has to say on the subject. I know my midi controllers can do that kind of stuff, and I don't see why your pedal shouldn't be able to do something similar, especially if a simple drum machine was capable.
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