Rate our music (demos)?

The majority of the criticism we've received is directed at the vocals and drums, but we're looking for a more diverse pool of opinions than we currently have, so what do you guys think? Keep in mind the recordings are rough.

You can find our demos here on UG on my profile, or on facebook

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I'm going to address the things that everyone else had issues with, becuase the rest of it was good. The the drums were simple but fine. They served their purpose, which was to keep the beat. There's nothing wrong with simplistic drumming, but longer, more varied fills, and beats that stray from the standard 2-4 snare pattern would be welcome. The vocals, on the other hand, were not fine. Your singer sings through his nose. He could hit the pitches well enough, but his voice was unfathomably grating. Tell him to stop singing through his nose. Right now. Text him or something. I'm serious. The other thing is the recording quality. I'm not sure how you recorded it, but it was a little static-y. Listenable, just static-y. Work on that too, and you'll be good to go.
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Thanks for your help and support! We'll work on the singing and drumming as you suggested.
The recording quality is due to the fact that we did this on literally a $0 budget. We used the cheapest vocal microphone guitar center has (that's all we had in the way of microphones... 4 sub-par vocal mics), though we did buy an sm57 with a pop filter later on, and i dont remember which parts of which demos use it. We're working on getting better quality microphones, especially drum mics. The "static-y" quality you describe is also probably a consequence of my not taking care of electrical grounding issues whatsoever, save for leaving my laptop unplugged when we recorded.

Thanks again for your opinions!