Hey everyone
so i thought it would be a good idea to post my build
ive taken apart and redone some guitars before but this one i feel has some potential
i plan on replacing alot

locking everything
and some nice humbucks

a new paintjob

everything ill take some before pictures
and maybe you guys can give me some advice and your opinions
help me along the way

i was gonna sell it the way it is now on craigslist but then i thought..its workable..itll be my summer project
so i got this guitar while i was stopped by a train

i saw a homeless man walk into the local "we sell your things on ebay" store
(one of the dumbest things for people to lose money ever in)

anyways he had the guitar
i got out of my guitar and walked in the store and said how much
hes like ill take 30
i looked at it noticed it was missing some stuff and beat up i said ill take 20
thats more then youll get on ebay

i ended up giving him 25 just because
and its been collecting dust since

i put it on craigslist got offers for 95 but then i told them someone over bid and its theres now..i secretly want it..i realized i can make it all work

in the next post ill post some pictures of the front and back and me unsoldering all the weirddd connections
So here is some pictures i took some of the soldering to know for sure where the wires originaly went i didnt upload all the detail ones just a before pic a midway pic and an after im in the process of stripping the paint with a heatgun now then i will be sanding the body anyone have any ideas as towards a paintjob? i know this is very controversial on this site but i like the blood splatter idea im also thinking of going with white with some type of graphic i just dont really know to be honest the only things i will NOT paint it is red and black i have 2 reds and 4 blacks as it is already and one silver

images are being sketchy
heres a link to the photobucket album
hopefully this works

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