what i just did and i never did an di even surprised myself. I took my guitar took a progression 1 45 blues in the key of A with 7ths. And just did a 12 bar blues. Sang what was on my mind and i came up with some good stuff. See me i cant write songs for shit but i can on the spot think the craziest stuff to say. So maybe this is a better tech for me instead of writing. I got 25 min of recorded stuff with my portastudio tascam. I feel as a musician i made some real progress. Im always singing playing everyone else s songs. Hendrix who i love to death, clapton,blues stuff. I never make up a song of my own.

Anyone else do this? Can this technique only get better?
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yeah, I sometimes do this, although I don't record it. I use it to find good lines for the song I'm writing at the moment. It really helps sometimes.
I think it will improve over time, because you'll get better in expressing your thoughts directly.
That is usually how I write music. I just take my guitar or other trusty instrument and start playing, either completely improvising or following some chord progressions I know works. After a while I can find some kind of repeating pattern, some kind of melody or piece of lyrics that fit into the over all mood of the tune.

What I'm trying to say is that is a really good technique that's probably the best if you master it.
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