so me and some of my buddies are planning a trip from Boston to the Florida Keys. I'd like to film the trip and make a documentary or web series out of it. What I'd like help for is some suggestion for places to go/see/film or whatever. So if anyone has any good ideas or locations to visit along U.S. Route 1 please feel free to post them!

thanks for the help
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Put a camera on your dashboard or somewhere and film everywhere you drive and then speed it up to a 4 minute video or something. They're always pretty fun to watch.
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i live in miami and in south carolina your gonna see a giant fake mexico station called south of the border, iits like a huge mexican carnival stop there, also chincoteague carnival, used to live there, lots of *****s will suck you off for a funnel cake. hmmmm, stop and get some bbq in north carolina and in miami get the hell out it sucks but the keys are really cool, cept there will be oil there soon
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