Hey you guys, i'm looking in to getting a new tube amp. I have no idea at this point though. I need one versatile enough to handle heavy metal distortion, yet still have crisp cleans. I play Classic rock, Metal, Blues, Anything clean and distorted really i guess. My price range is around 600 but if i can get a good amp for a little less it'd be good. Thanks guys.
Vypyr Tube 60.
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bump, I wanted to post a thread like this but forgot too, any more suggestions? hows the ht 20s distortion? is it muddy at all?
Depending on where you live, you can get a second hand Laney amp, I recommend the VH100R as it does everything pretty nicely, look for clips on youtube and you'll see what I'm talking about
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Hows the Peavey 6505 112?

Give it a shot and see. Most people just give it credit for being a high gain amp and nothing else but I've seen people who love the clean tone they can get from it to (especially those who utilize effects on their cleans). The 112 is supposed to have improved cleans over the other models as well.

Personally though, I don't care for the 6505 at all.

I'd look into an Egnater Tweaker, it can't get br00t4l but it should be able to do some metal. There was some one on here who bought a tweaker and swapped out the tubes and the thing sounded like a beast, so it can get quite distorted with a few extras.
Spider Valve 212.
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Look into Line 6 Spider Valves, Flextones, and Vettas, Mesa F and DC series, and Blackstars of course.
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