hey im up to the stage of fretting my guitar but im not too sure how to go about it.

What tools are essential? - i don't wanna buy a pro fret presser or watever. Can i just use like a cheap rubber mallet and pliers?

How do i cut them to size? - pliers? then how are they made neat on the edges?

How are they hammered in? - do they need to be bent to shape before hammering? can i get a cheap part for a drill press so i can press them in using the schools drill press?

any help extremely appreciated guys i don't have many weeks left to finish this
I'm guessing this is for your Industrial Tech or D&T major work? I have to get mine finished too

With neatening the ends, you use end clippers and a file.
These allow you to cut the end without leaving any sticking out.
I didn't bother buying anything to radius them or press them, I just bent the frets with my hands so they were roughly the right curve, and then force them into the slots with my thumbs and use glue so theyre held down. Not the best way but I don't have the cash to fork out for all the equipment
But yes you need to bend them before hammering them in. I don't imagine a little hammer for this job would cost you too much.

Best of luck
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The radius rollers are very expensive so I made my own out of walnut. It just requires three wheels. One has to be grooved and adjustable. If I can find mine I'll post a photo. I also bought a cork lined neck cradle and a set of radiused tips to put in the drill press. Right angle clippers as shown above and a good file or two.