Whats your individual way of calming down or just relaxing.

You have a gig tomorrow and you been practicing on your instrument and you sound terrible (mostly due to nerves) what would you do to pick yourself back up?

this is just an example of a stressful scenario, im sure everyone has been through a few how do you deal with stress or pressure?
Fap/have sex, drink some cider, go see friends at the pub, cook a good meal, watch some comedy, have a lie down, read something...pick from any of the above.
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whatever I feel like. Seriously. There's nothing that calms me down more than not doing what I'm told to do and just doing what makes me happy.
have a beer, play videogames, drum out death metal.. I'd actually stay away from your for the day.. if you're having an off day, it'll psyche you out for your gig tomorrow.
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Basically, I get a safety pin and hold it over a candle for a minute or so. Having done that, I shove it into my flatmate's groin. Makes me feel better every time.
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Breathing exercises.

Or a quiet pint of stout somewhere away from the cause of the stress.
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Pooping is well good though, to be fair.

I've got a handle on the fiction.

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I bottle it up until I develop a mental illness, turn into an alcoholic and beat my wife.

That's the manly way to do it, anyway.

No seriously I just smoke weed and meditate.
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drink drink drink.. smoke smoke smoke...
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I guess, I just deal with it and get all worried and panicky. listen to happy music.
I sort of sit there and just wait, think about what's going on and try not to let myself get angry over it. I see my brother sort of punching stuff and getting angry when stuff isn't going right and it doesn't make it any better, but when I just deal with it calmly I find when I go back to it then it goes well.
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i pace

same, in the mornings only though i dunno why
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not hated
Honestly, when I'm under intense pressure or stress, I self harm
But under normal stress/pressure, I just listen to relaxing music.

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If I'm anxious about doing something then I try to consider, 'usually these things are easier than you expect them to be', so I try to just forget about whatever it is that I'm nervous about and remember to enjoy it. For example when I was getting ready for my first performance I was shitting myself until I realised that things could be so much worse. I knew how to play the song, I was with my friends, and the people watching me weren't there to intimidate me, they were there to enjoy it.

So I deal with it okay I guess. In fact it's quite enjoyable sometimes, getting yourself pumped up for something when you know 99 times out of 100 everything will fall into place.
I don't deal with it

If it's something you can ignore, ignore it. Do something else to take your mind off the topic.
If it's a problem that needs solving, you need to calm down, and write a list (perhaps mentally) of the steps you need to take to solve the problem and achieve peace of mind. Breaking it up into smaller tasks allows you to determine exactly what is wrong, and is easier to complete.
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No car, no money, an overload of exams and assignments. The answer; not very fucking well. I get moody, pissy, angry and tend to snap at people for no reason. I get antisocial and just generally don't feel like talking to anyone.

That's how I handles stress.
For a gig? Have a beer, fap, socialise, hijack my brother's Xbox Live account and destroy his Kill/Death ratio on COD (I suck at that game).
If it's nerves for something other than a gig (e.g. exams), I play guitar for a bit in addition to the previous things. I find it theraputic sometimes.
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Dear God, do you actually answer prayers?

Yes, but only in a way indistinguishable from random luck or the result of your own efforts.
I go workout. Run. If Im ever stressed the hell out running fixes everything. That and beating off.
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pushups, and lots of them
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I tend to have a couple of alcoholic drinks and smash some music on....
Perhaps go for a walk/think...

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