Im looking for a vocal effects pedal, basically i want something that can strengthen my vocals, and something for experimenting in the studio. Something that i can use with my electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and a piano. Something for harmonies and reverb and things. Really its almost a security blanket for me, i feel my voice isnt up to par tho many people say it is good, i just think i need something for live performances. I play in a hard rock band if you will. Influences like tool, apc, seether, incubus, staind, ect, ect. Ive been considering one of the tc helicon voicetone pedals but with some many different models im not sure which one is best suited for me. I am very new to the vocal area, primarily being a guitarist, i would use it while playing. Also because right now its just me and a drummer. So adding vocals will make us sound alot more fuller and better.