Story goes:

A guy with anger issues comes back to his Hot Rod tube amp broken, and asks about what has happened. I explain what's happened, and honestly state that it was not due to human error. Bunch of guys begin to try and fuel blame towards another guy, who has used it, however was not the reason the amp was broken. I try and explain repeatedly that it was no ones fault, and that it can be easily fixed. Guy gets angry about his stuff being broken and starts to anger, eventually going into a state where it would be futile to try and reason with him.

I walked out on him.

Right decision?
Help me out, Pit. This guy's in charge of Interhouse House Music Competition this year. I need to try handle this so that problems like this don't come round again.
What's wrong with the amp? Blown a tube? Why not show him a credible source of information that states that this happens naturally over time? Not that he'll read it, but it's worth a try.
I'd have stood there, argued with him, got angry myself at his anger, let the whole thing escalate, then eventualy I would take a punch off him, then threaten to sue him for said punch unless my band wins the Interhouse House Music Competition this year.
ummm poor explaination about what happened but if the dude was going to flip shit pon everyone then you'd might as well leave until he calms down a bit to reason with him
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where did this happen? he comes back to find you standing over his amp, which now no longer works?

I can't follow this nonsense.
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Holy crap, check this out!
Yeah this is hard to follow, why did you have his amp? How did his amp break?

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.