A chain of orchids around her neck,
testicle-pressuring me to love her.
One solitary cough,
beautiful in its simplicity
and she conjures delicious words
to feed my hungry ears.

“Give me you.”
She laughs.
O is there a sweeter sound?
“You have me.” I always will.
She lifts her eyes to mine
as the rain begins to fall.
What once was her
melts into history
and disregarded memories
of better climes.

I hope I can remember when I die
the reasons she gave me to live.
Big-bottled fräulein put your weight on me,
said the pig-me to the whore,
desperate for more.
love the wording.
you diction is amazing.

made me think of some,
old black and white french film.

very nice.
look forward to more by you.
i am the lamb.
point me to the slaughter.