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As some of you may be aware, I am a teacher at a Primary School in England.

It's currently the time of the school year where things start winding down and everyone begins to think about the next academic year.

We teachers were told today by the powers that be that the theme for our class names next year will be 'Sea Creatures'.

So Pit, I ask you to put forward any ideas you may have for the name of my class next year.

They're 7 and 8 years of age, the name must be catchy and not too obscure. My current class is Anaconda Class which rolls off the tongue nicely when telling them off

"Anaconda Class... I am disappoint"

Go forth, UGers... Lend me your classname ideas!

Thanks, Shyne.
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Suggestive looking oyster class.

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Sea Men

.... sorry, it's late
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clam class
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kraken class
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/b/ Class... Drugs.
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"If you don't behave, I'll flush you down the toilet just like my old Goldfish" Class?

Or: Trout Mask Replica Class? Imagine the discussions at parents evening.
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Viper class?
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Saddest turtle in the world class.
Sponge class
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Oily Pelican Class.

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Fish class.
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Clownfish Class! Yaaaaaay

or.. Coral Class! Anything with alliteration is always awesome. Shit I'm good

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Man, that sounds like the most badass job ever.

Think of cool name, get paid. **** bitches.

Pirahna class.
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Gyarados class. Gyarados is ****ing badass.
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I think I'm going for either Walrus class or Sea Otter class... Because, you know, otters are cute n that.
Tits on a whale class
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Anemone Class.

Mostly because they'll spend the greater part of the day attempting to say it.

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Magikarp class, your class motto will be "I swear to god, once I graduate I will kill you all."
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You could use it to teach reading.

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The mental image.

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