I'm getting my friend a Bob Dylan Signature Harmonica for his b'day, he said to get him a Diatonic one whatever that is... Can anyone explain what the different types of harmonica are? Ta


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Thanks, dunno why I didn't do that before. Oh well, this can now be a thread about harmonicas
The diatonic ones are the small ones with 10 holes. They're awesome.
yeah I have a C, A, G and F diatonic. love them. they are cheap harps, but sound great.
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The two main types are diatonic and chromatic. The two types just play a different range of notes. A diatonic will usually have about ten holes and they're usually pretty cheap, whilst chromatics are pretty pricey and cover a much larger range of notes. Just google around for better detail, including wikipedia.

Buy one in C. More songs are played in C on the harmonica than anything else, and it's a bit more versatile to other keys.

Buying a second hand harmonica is actually not such a bad idea. It takes a little while to loosen the instrument up, but buying one second hand, you can usually buy one which is pretty warmed up, making it easier to play with nicer sounds.

If you're not going to buy one online, just ask cover the counter at any good music store.
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yeah I have a C, A, G and F diatonic. love them. they are cheap harps, but sound great.

You should have just bought one good one and a harmonica capo
Whatever kind you get play it through a microphone and a wah pedal.
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Gotta get me one soon, too. That link just made me aware of amplified harmonicas. That`s the most badass thing ever. Amplified harmonicas. Amp`d ham`z.