Basically I am in a position where I can buy a Vox AC30C2.

Anyone out there who's got a good enough argument to stop me buying it?

I figure I better get a final round of approval
Classic rock basically. Queen, Zeppelin, The Who, Rolling Stones etc.

With a Brian May Guitar.
loud is not the word for one. Make sure you EQ it right, otherwise it can be shrill, they are brilliant though.
It'd be a good amp for most of those bands. maybe need a pedal for zeppelin, but i dunno.
Just buy it already!
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I got some pretty sweet Zeppelin tone out of it at the shop, and that was with about 5 seconds worth of playing around with it, so could get even better.

But yes... I shall buy it soon! God it shall be good to upgrade to that from a Spider III 15w...
Good sound for those bands. You will definitely need a pedal to get good gain tones out of it (its REALLY loud when you crank it...don't let the 30 watts fool you).
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I played a C2X and loved it. That has different speakers though. I also like the CC2, upon which the C2 is an upgrade in terms of speakers. Can't go wrong tonally.

In terms of construction I've heard that the AC30s can be a bit of a pain, and with the C2 in particular that it's made of MDF or some other similar material (not decent wood/plywood) which isn't good enough for an amp of that price really. Searchbar some of the other threads on this amp and you will find the kind of info you want.