Hello everyone,

I've recently got back into guitar playing after a 10 year hiatus of sorts. I still have my Ibanez EX electric and a cheapish encore bowlback semi-acoustic from my teenage years when I played a lot of rock, metal, etc...

But my music tastes have changed and although I still like to rock out occasionally I mostly listen to a lot of slightly more laid-back guitar music, particularly those rootsy americana genres (country, folk, blues, etc) typified by artists like Townes Van Zandt, Mary Gauthier, Ryan Adams, Johnny Cash, Steve Earle, etc...

I've been playing a bit of slide on my acoustic but I think its about time I invested in a proper guitar that befits this genre of music. But I really dont know much guitars and would really appreciate some advice/suggestions of good guitars...

I'm looking to spend about £500 (around $750?). I'm defintely interested in a semi-acoustic. I'd like to play slide but also want to be able to play normal so dont want anything with a very high action (or pedal steel/square neck, anything like that...). Also very interested in resonators but know very little about them and my local shop doesn't have any so not been able to try them out yet - interested in your opinions on these.

Have done some browsing in my local shops and on the web and guitars that take my fancy (either looks or sound) are listed below:

Crafter SA series
Gretsch G5122/G5120
Hofner verythin

I'd be interested to hear anyone's opinions on these guitars but any suggestions you have on a good 'country' style guitar in my price range (either acoustic or semi-acoustic) much appreciated. I know you guys know your stuff and i'm a bit overwhelmed by the choice so even just having a few ideas from you will be a good starting point for me.

Many thanks
Take it to the Acoustic subforum, they will be able to help you out more than us.