Hi guys, Im going to get my second electric guitar soon, and my budget is $350 before tax and shipping. I live in Canada however, so my options are sorta limited. I don't mind buying online. So i was wondering if you guys can recommend me a guitar within 350 dollars. I mainly play punk and a bit of rock. No metal or death metal.

Thanks in Advance

should be able to get an al3000 with around $350
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definately start by checking out kijiji, ebay and any "local" shops. you can get a very good used guitar in the $350 dollar range. a quick run through kijiji turned up a couple HSS strats (fender, of course) for under $400. for what you play, and considering I have no idea what amp you use, you ought to try and find a guitar with a bridge humbucker (this will be your main pickup), and whatever kind of pickup on the neck (i think a P90 would be cool, but definately tough to find at the price).

as far as new guitars go, here are some ideas:
-epiphone 1966 G-400
-epiphone LP studio
-Squire VM strat HSS (save up another $150 to get a made in mexico Fender!!!)
-Gretsch junior jet 2
-Washburn WI64

hope this puts yon on the right path!
I think Ibanez grg270b Is a good choice for 350$ ...!
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is there anything else I can get or should i get a better amp first?

i would say better amp first. your current amp simply will not sound much better regardless of how good a guitar you put in front of it. the rolands arent bad amps (i started on a cube 15), but they arent all that good really, just too cheap really

i would recomend going to a peavey valve king 112 (my brother just got one for $400 cad). they are a really solid little tube amp with a strong distorted sound. you'll really see a difference going to a tube amp and it should help your tone way more than a new guitar for your roland would.