Lately iv been looking for a pickup to put into a guitar that i built. It's an SG/Strat looking thing, and i decided a p90 would be great for the guitar and for my taste. I'm willing to spend about $40-50. What i dont understand, is that i cant seem top find one for under $80. Musicians Friend has lots of single coils with good reviews in this price range and below, but the p90s just arent there. There are even quality humbuckers for this price. Isn't a p90 just a flatter, wider single coil? (correct me if im wrong) or is it actually more difficult/expensive to produce p90s? Do p90s come with some sort of "novelty tax" on them?
Thanks for any info or suggestions.
Maybe check out some GFS pickups... They have great quality for a great price.

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well, P90's are made with alnico, which may increase the price slightly. but in general, i think they are so expensive because they are a bit of a novelty in that a minority of guitars run them. much like lipstick or soapbar pups you will pay for their unusual nature.

also, P90's are pretty synonymous with quality, and when people associate quality with a product then the price tends to increase. even though, as you mentioned, the P90 is nothing more than a big single coil pup.
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Things cost what they do because people will pay it, it has naff all to do with production costs. Why do they charge so much for P90's? Because they can.
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Be careful when you buy the P90 that it will fit into the rout in your guitar.

If you routed it for humbuckers, buy a Seymour Duncan Phat-Cat, which is a P90 that has the same dimensions as a regular Humbucker. Soapbar and Dogear P90s will only fit in guitar specially routed for them.
I think because they aren't made that much, which makes the production of them more expensive.
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