Long story short, I'm going to finally shell out for a Gibson SG, I've had 2 epi's, and I've decided it's time to get the "real thing".

Right now I'm split between the Special and Standard.
The unfinished neck and far lower price are drawing me towards the Special, however I prefer the aesthetics and the slightly higher output pups of the standard.

So I'm more or less asking whether or not the advantages of the Standard are worth an extra $1000?

Thanks UG!
$1000... ask yourself, is it worth it? have you got the money spare? is there anything else you need/want to buy? it'll still say Gibson SG on the headstock...

i'd take the special, surely you can mod it out of that $1000 and then have it better than the standard with money spare.
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$1000 can get you a used SG Standard with a little extra money.

$1000 can also get you a new SG Special (faded or full gloss.) The only things you will be missing out on are covered pickups, neck binding, and bigger inlays. The bridge pickup is supposedly a little bit higher quality in the Standard when compared to the Special.

I have an SG Special right now, and I can honestly say that it isn't so different from an SG Standard. They are both great guitars, so I guess it comes down to your preference for affordability or looks.
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I've played both and to my ears and how they both feel , the Standard takes the cake.

The 3 Specials I played were absolutely garbage, but with the left over money, you could upgrade and make it the way you want.
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I would take a standard in an instant, even go used if i had too.....i'd not look at the special.
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I now own a standard after having a special in my possesion for a while. Now iobviously the standard is going to be better, but is it worth the price difference? The only real differences are the hotter bridge pickup in the standard, the trapezoid inlays, and the neck binding. I also noticed that the neck on my standard seems a lit thinner than the special. The standard is great, but the special is still a really good capable guitar. you really can't go wrong either way imo.
I dig the Raw Power SGs, and the white 3 Pickups faded SGs.

The Raw Power especially, because it's a limited run, maple neck , maple body too though, which is kindof strange for an SG, and comes with Burstbuckers.
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