Just a small question. I've been playing my acoustic guitar for a while now.

I'm aware that the pain is normal when starting to play a guitar, but is it normal if after a while my finger tips harden a bit, and then after some time soften. This repeats.

Thanks in advance.
Yep. If you are out of practice, or all of a sudden play a lot more than you're used to, it's going to hurt again. Whenever I have long acoustic sessions after only playing electric for a while, my fingers are burning the next day.
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yeah its normal. when your finger tips harden your getting calasses (cant spell). they're good to have, wont feel a thing after awhile. then if you stop playing for awhile they'll soften up and youll lose what you were working for.

i had the same too, and when i stopped after a hour or 5 :P, and i went showering, my fingers were soft again.. i hated that xD

BCrichy666 ^^