Hi guys!

(my englisch isnt that good srry..)

I'm playing now on a BCrich kerry king, and so im playing metal (surprising..), but what setting do you guys have on your amp? i have the feeling it i could set mine better.

I have a Roland Cube15X amp.. and i have these settings:

tremble: 5/10
Middle: 6/10
Bass : 4/10

Lead settings:
Metal Stack
Gain: 7/10
Volume: 4/10 (doesnt really matter...)

I thank you guys 4 yur help!
BCrichy666 ^^!
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Number one, wrong forum. Number two, settings threads aren't allowed. You need to tune your amp to the settings you like, not what everyone else tells you to do.
Please read the rules before you post.

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if your looking for that really low end crunch try this,i use this on my AVT20 fyi.

Bass 10
Mids 0-2
Treb 8

that gets me a more modern metal sound
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thanx jwax, ^^ i will try it out!

Cgolden, i just wanted to know what everybody else thinks, then i will see what i like thank you
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@Cgolden:Calm the f**k down, Chico. o_o He's just wondering, and you go and try to get him banned? WTF?

Aaaanyways, I'm running a Dean MLX through a Randall RX75RG2, playing mostly metal with some hard rock and Led Zeppelin thrown in, and my settings are:




Reverb:8(Unhealthy, I know, but...<3)
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Nah, I prefer to tune lower. My tunings usually go into weird Hebrew symbols.
For metal, I crank the treble (not all the way, about 8), put the bass at about 6 or 7, and have the mids at about 4 or 5.

Now, there is no wrong way setting wise, just mess around with the EQ until you get the sound you want.