For a long, long time I've ignored the A major shape bar chord and instead played it on the 6th string or as a C-shape on the 5th string, but now it's time to finally get it down!

So I've read somewhere that you're supposed to bar with your third? or fourth? finger, but doing this often leaves my high e muted and I don't really like the sound of that and if I'm fingerpicking and are supposed to play the high e then that would be bad...I do however get it to ring out cleanly sometimes when using my pinky (I really hate using my third finger, but if that's whats necessary to master this, I guess i'd have to start using it).

Then the other option is of course to use my first finger to bar and then all the others to finger the chord, but it seems like making the changes in time would be more difficult this way as you have to get four fingers placed right instead of just two. Using this technique I always get all the notes to ring out cleanly, but the changes are slower and it gets hard if moving too high up on the fretboard. This technique does however seem better if I wanna throw in some sus2, sus4 or even 7 chords.

To summarize: should I focus on learning to play A major shape bar chords with my index and my pinky (or even my third?) or with my index and all the rest of my fingers?

Thankful for answers!
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I use all my fingers, so bar with the index and then use all the rest.

You get used to the changes, dont worry
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I've got big fingers, so I bar with my first finger, and cover the b, g, and d strings with my fourth and pinky fingers. It doesn't work for everybody, but I've found it works really well for me, and it gives me the option of muting/not muting the high e string.
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i use my index and my third finger took me a while to do it but i got it down where they all ring out clean