So I recorded this intro the other day and was wanting some critique. On my profile the song is called "Kelsey's Song".
It could work - hard to tell without bass and drums. However, I really like "Sir, you can't exchange used bubble gum". I'd actually listen to that. How did you record the drums and get the weird effects on the hi hat/cymbals?

Also, Postmodernism in Pyschedelics is trippy.

Keep it up mate.
Hahah, with a Moog Ring Modulator. I sold it and got and Orange however. I want to get one again, those things are sweet. I basically used reason for those drums. Then I took that signal in Pro Tools which I then took out of my audio interface into the Moog Ring Mod then back into a 1/4 Direct Input then hit the record button in Pro Tools. Then I used the Ring Modulator like an instrument.

I accomplished the sound you hear by messing with all of the knobs in time with the song, to try and get the effects to be rhythmic (*Think* it's percussive, only your movement is constricted to a turning motion). I did this by messing with the Rate control knob as well as the frequency knob. To get that effect live, you would have to have a "sound manipulator" that would turn knobs percussively while you played your instrument. And you'd definitely have midi triggers on your drum set... Though that's kind of standard (midi triggers on drums live).

Thanks for your comments man! Yea, I'm into making music that really trips people out. I'll give all of your tunes a listen.
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Very creative! What audio interface are you using? Also, what microphone do you use to get that guitar tone? (I'm guessing you dont DI the guitar to get that sound)
I use the Digidesign 003 Factory Rack with Pro Tools LE. It's definitely not a DI signal, the mic is an AKG Perception 220 or something. I put it like 2 inches away from the center cone on my rusted to hell Peavy 4x12 which is powered by an Orange AD30htc. I had the amp's gain and master cranked to 10 on the high gain parts. Then on the softer crunchier parts I have the master at 10 and the gain at like 4 and a half.

Well, wait... Which song? Because I just described my current setup. My setup before was a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Combo amp. I probably had the lead channel's gain cranked to 10 and the master turned up to like 5. It's a 40 watt amp with a 1x12 speaker. It was nice set up but I much prefer the dark warmness that is Orange tone.

Btw, do you have any music up anywhere man?
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Hi, thanks for your crit on my song.

Well, to be honest, that's not my kind of music. Still, it's an interesting song, and you probably could get it better with some drums. Also, I'm not fond of your tone, but maybe it's a good tone for this kind of music !

It doesn't mean you did a bad job, it's just don't like this sort of music, and your song is interesting !