i have an old "telestar" from the 70's that i picked up at a goodwill. its a hollowbody, and pretty beat up. im not to worried about "restoring it" just returning it to playable condition without altering it as much as possible. i dont have the money to replace all the damaged and added parts, and i cant even find out enough information about this guitar to know what i need. so far ive completely rewound the one single coil pickup by hand and rewired the guitar. ive also filled in some of the body damage with wood putty and sanded it level. im thinking of just spot painting and finishing those, but it will be hard, as its a sunburst.

the only real problem I THINK i have left is the neck. when i bolt the neck back on and string her up, in talking literally almost 3/4" on the action down past the 12th fret.

the neck is more or less straight when it is off the guitar, i thing its mostly gotta do with how the neck meets the body. my plan is to make a wedge to fit into the neck slot and sort of have the neck bent back a little so that the action will be flat.

perhaps bent back isnt even the right term. right now the neck and the guitar make a slight V shape, so maybe ill just be bending it flat, and maybe ill be bending ip beyond that.

i just wanna know if this is a good idea, or if there is any other way to fix this.

you could always try setting it up? its probably been sitting, beaten up, moved around, tossed around for a good while, im thinking truss rod to bend the neck back? but id go slowly and it will most likely take a good chunk of time to get it
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i think this is a little more than the truss rod can handle. i probably need the headstock to come back about 6 inches in order to flatten it out.

what do you mean by "setting it up"?
the truss should be able to handle it, other wise it wouldnt be a truss rod :p

setting up :
the neck by adjusting the bow on the neck using the truss rod, this is located under th nut where the headstock meets the neck, or on the butt of the neck, where the neck sits in the neck pocket, it can be adjusted to bow in two ways, not sure which way to adjust but im sure you could find some info on this in the forums,

also the saddle hieght on the bridge and intonation, all these are youtube-able haha!

sorry if this is obvious, but these are often overlooked......alot

hope this helps

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hahhah, yeah. ive done that. the saddle height is as low as it can be, and ive adjusted the neck straight. but the problem is how the neck fits the body. instead of being a flat line 180 degree curve, this is maybe a 150 degree curve. in top of that, it will have to be slightly beyond 180 degrees to account for the rise of the bridge.

im not sure the neck could take the tightening. i tightened the truss about as tight as it would go just to get the neck straight, lol. and wont the adjustment effect the bow in the middle of the neck? not the end where it meets the body? it just seems to me that that isnt the answer :-(

but thanks for trying!
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nope, neck is straight. it just meets the body weird. ill try the shim. any advice on making that work? i think ill need new screws so they will be long enough to go thru the shim into the neck.
you won't need much of a shim, very little makes a supprising angle. Just use bits of card until you get the angle right
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you won't need much of a shim, very little makes a supprising angle. Just use bits of card until you get the angle right

yeah i dont have anything to miter an angle into a piece of wood, so ive been using a power sander, but even that is taking forever...

on another note, i was attempting to tighten the truss further, and the nut on its threads broke, so i need a new nut for the truss rod. is that a standard thing? can i just go to the store and say "i need a nut for my truss rod" and they will have the one or two to choose from?

or am i better off going to a hardware store and matching a nut from there.