1. Like many guitar players, I started off with cheap Squier strat. After moving on up to better guitars, I want to go back and modify it. It has 3 single coils and I would like to upgrade to either an HSS or HSH configuration. I am relatively new to electronics, so could someone post wiring diagrams?

2. I need to know what kind of pickups to get. I know it's all personal preference, but is there a specific size that I need for a squier strat, or are all humbuckers equal?

3. Are there any onboard effects I could put in my guitar (Killswitch, Sustainiac, etc.)
and could you include diagrams?

Thanks! God bless you!
1. There are several wiring diagrams at http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/wiring-diagrams/

2. It depends on how your guitar is routed. If it's routed for HSH, you can put humbuckers in the bridge and neck positions. If it's just SSS, you have to rout it yourself. You will need to rout you pickquard/ get a new one. And yes, most humbuckers are equal.

3. Yes there are, but I'm not an expert on this. Wait for other replies.
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most buckers are equal sized, only one i can think of that isnt is the fender "wide range" one from the thinline telecaster. For onboard fx look at www.axesrus.com's range, most use a push pull pot.

undo some pickguard screws and try to look underneath to see if its Hsh, Hss or sss.
Would this work for a master tone knob and a killswitch instead of the second knob?

(The two outside pickups will be 2 wire humbuckers)


And are there any effects that I could put into it other than modboards?
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yeah that'll work, and if you're interested I have a very versatile HHH wiring scheme, it does every single pickup combination I could think of.

But if you need more wiring diagrams or tips on how to wire, head over to The Ultimate Guitar Wiring Thread and if you need suggestions on pickups, you can check out The Which Pickup Thread. What kind of effect are you looking for? You can do the black ice mod, which is kind of like a built in distortion that you can do with 2 Schottky diodes. Other than that, there are lots of little effects you can put it, it just depends what you want.


Would the HHH combo work with HSH or would I have to buy another pickup? Also, does it have a 5 way switch or just a bunch of on/off mini switches?