It does feel good indeed. I quite enjoyed it. I don't really have much to crit on, maybe when you do the little 2/4 breaks, they sound out of place.

My other concern is that if some of these chords would actually sound good for real. I'd imagine when you're tuned down so low with distortion, it would just come out sounding like a hungry alligator.
Quote by Injuyin
I'm in drop a# currently, it doesn't sound terrible, I mean sure most low stuff doesn't have alot of clarity but the notes are definitely noticable compared with each other.

Yeah, I tried some of those riffs with a distorted patch of my awfully bad Zoom G1 pedal and I could still listen to all the notes in the chords. Also, if I (or someone else) ever get to record this I think it would be a good idea connect the the breaks to the rest by singing on them, like they were extensions of the previous part or a prelude to the next.

Still, glad you liked it guys.
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