A short background about myself: I'm 20 years old, just starting to really "get into" both playing and listening to music, but unfortunately I don't share the music tastes of most of my college peers. As I start to play more music and learn more about song production/writing, I become increasingly dissatisfied with the current state of bands and music in general. All the songs I hear seem empty and lifeless, and therefore I'm going to this forum to see if anyone can suggest some bands that might help fuel my love for music.

All that being said, I do NOT want to make this thread into a troll post dissing current musicians/artists. Instead, I'm asking if anyone has specific youtube links to bands that might capture the passion and energy that is capable of being produced through live music. I have asked this question before, met with a variety of responses of different bands/songs, but when I play MP3s of them there still is something empty there. So, I'd be very appreciative if you could provide specific links to live concert footage, so instead of "describing" why a certain band is good, I can see it for myself.

Now "passion" is clearly a relative term, and I'm sure I will get a variety of responses with various genres (that's what I'm hoping for anyway!). If I had to narrow my musical taste into a genre I would say I'm leaning towards alternative rock/punk rock, but again I am open to any artist or style.

Right now, the only band that incorporates both the energy and musical talent I hope to one day possess is the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Instead of going into WHY I like them, I'm going to instead provide this link:


If anyone knows bands that have similar passion, energy, and musical skillfulness, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

P.S. If you think this post should be placed in a different forum please let me know. Thanks.
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Really? You're 20 yet you can't figure out how to find good new music; that's pretty peculiar.
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I'm not sure why this thread is here, but I like passionate, live concert footage, so I'm leaving it open.
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The Sex Pistols' last concert in San Francisco was a perfect way to end their demise, because it really was "No Fun" for them anymore. And it's so not passionate that's it's ****ing passionate.


And super junkie Johnny Thunders' song "So Alone". He looks so pathetic and in pain that it makes you feel his pain.


And then there's Black Flag playing "Six Pack". ****ing intense. That's what they were known for.


And not punk rock but Jim Morrison commands total attention in this one. I watched this while on acid and it was like I got ****ed.

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