The looking glass of life stands stale
Opaque waters fill the horizon
He rides to his demise
The world around him
Stands a barren wasteland of agony

The blood in his veins corrodes the flesh
Wandering through the wasteland
He realises the death of his history
The eternal horseman rides
Carrying the black flag of dread
That separates him from his sanctuary

The mind of the exiled
Burns longing for asylum...
Darkness growing within
Tears the soul to pieces.

The persistent ball of fire in the roof
Sends its hell onto the Exiled!
Forcing Delirium!
Why do you torment me!
Relieve me from this Hell!

[Chorus, Again]

EXILE... exile... exile

That's my first set of lyrics tell me what you think. I think the words could use some work to make them more singable.
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