i'm starting A2 Music Technology and for one of the coursework assignments i'm supposed to record a song, here are the specifications:

Minimum of 12 Tracks
Between 3 - 5 minutes
At least 8 tracks must be captures by Microphone

Arrangement isn't marked so i can refine the song chosen. Also i'm looking for more of a Rock song than Metal.

if anyone could help it'd be much appreciated .
Do you have to have written the song, or just record an existing one?

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then have drums and then "percussion" do something that you can do a lot with like some pink floyd? loads of tracks on that stuff as well
We had something similar at uni, we did No one Knows by QOTSA

we had the drum miced up to record into about 7 tracks so that took care of a lot, turned out pretty good in the end, should be a good assignment for you
Could maybe do Pink Floyd, just need to find a suitible song for the assignment.

Also rorywal Drums only count as 1 track on this course for some stupid reason :/.
That sucks, we had a maximum of 24 tracks where each drum was its own track, that complicates it then =p
Tell me about it... i did Skin & Bones by Foo Fighters last year, that worked out pretty well so i might consider doing something else from that album.
did it this year with our own version of hurt, as our one had to have 4 acoustic instruments (acoustic guitar, piano, drums and vocals counted as acoustic). didn't have a minimum tracks or set length either
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i've just finished doing A2 music tech... drums dont count for only one track... who told you that??

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Thats what our teacher says, and the head of the music tech department. it's a real shame :/.

i might just turn drums into bongos and a shaker so atleast that way i get 2/3 tracks.
If you have to get 8 mic tracks then drums shouldn't count as one. I did BTEC music tech and there was a similar limitation and we had about 14 drum tracks, just because we could.
Do something with a lot of synth parts.
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Yeah, i know it's stupid, but that's what i have to work with :/.

Midi isn't an option so Synth Pads would be hard.

Breathe in The Air by Pink Floyd looks to be a good one to do.
No worries. I'm just finishing an A Level Music Performance A2 course. I have my last performance tomorrow. It's been a pretty cool course actually.
Celebration - KC and the sunshine band..

guitars, drums, brass, percussion, voacals and claps...

i did it last year and got an A for it, did Beast and the Harlot the year before and only got a c lol

do something recognisable so the marker can compare it to the original and it is easier for you to then get better marks on it.

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double track the guitars - lead left and right, rhythm left and right, acoustic, additional guitars left and right, solo to take up a few tracks, atleast 4 tracks for guitar .
Layer the vocals so you have centre and left and right harmonies.
See if you can add in keys to double the vocal melody
So, without the extras that is 6 tracks, with loooooaadds of guitars it is 14. You'll want a thinner tone with extra mids for each of the guitars though.

If you can have lots of drum tracks that could be what, 26 tracks for a complex song?

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What did the people who did A2 Music Tech this year think of the exam on Monday?
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felt so bad for anyone taking it that didn't play guitar

Yeah, the guitar question was a lot easier than the sampler one.

That being said, I thought the whole exam was ridiculously easy to be honest. I expected it to be a lot more difficult than that. It was far easier than the AS one.

There were some stupid parts though. Like "double track the guitar"... care to explain how you'd like it double tracking?
Just did mine this year, I chose Baba O'Riley by The Who. It's not impossibly hard but it sounds really impressive if you do it well.

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