Ok so after looking around at my local guitar store, a clerk there was showing me some OD pedals and I was looking into a Ibanez 808, and then he introduced me to Maxon in which he made out to be better than the Ibanez tubescreamers. Is there really a difference? Like is the more expensive Maxon really worth it?
I'd get the Maxon. Tubescreamers are great, but everyone has them.
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I have a Maxon AD-900 and Maxon AF-9 and both a great. The AD-900 is in my opinion easily one of the best analog delays for the money (I did buy it used though as they don't make them anymore), it can get ridiculous long delays times. The AF-9 is quite nice, but a little hard to use. I'm not sure the difference between the Maxon OD and a TS-808, but from what I know of Maxon I would say it's probably quality.

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Well, tubescreamers tend to cut a lot of your bass. So if you want to keep your low end, get the Maxon. At least as far as I know the Maxons don't do that.

Edit: Wait, you have a Spider? Don't bother, it'll hardly even do anything...

I wasn't looking for a od pedal right now for my spider, I actually hope to get a new amp within at least two months, but I just wanted to know for the future if I ever head in that direction. Thanks for the input
Ok sorry I should have made this clearer but I'm not getting an OD pedal anytime soon and if I do it will be after I have bought myself a better amp. The amp comes first I was just wondering if there was any real difference that would make the Maxon that much better for future reference.
Maxon is better because it is true bypass. If you want to turn it off it won't suck any tone away when you are playing through it. OD9 is more of a transparent OD than the Maxon 808 imo. You retain all of your lows and highs and it adds some mids and extra saturation/sustain/harmonics. Maxon 808 is not true bypass, but the difference is probably negligible. The 808 has a great sound too, very subtle difference from the OD9, a little more compressed which many consider to be a good thing.

Check ebay constantly, you can find an od9 or 808 ibanez or Maxon with keeley mods for cheap. I got my OD9 with Keely mods for $80. If that isn't the deal of the century I don't know what is.
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