I have an ibanez rga 121 prestige and i've always put the ernie ball heavy bottom 10-52 strings on them but i want to test out some others. I've heard good things about elixirs and i was wondering what kind i should get.

Any suggestions?
I suggest not wasting money on elixirs for electric guitar. They're amazing on bass and acoustic guitar, but I honestly never noticed a difference on electric guitar, specifically compared to ernie ball. The only difference is that your strings will shed plastic crap everywhere and last just as long/sound the same. Do you sweat profusely? That might be a good reason to try them, otherwise, don't bother.
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Imho, they're a waste of money period, however. Plus, I can't stand it when the plastic crap comes off. Besides, if you don't abuse your strings, you don't need to replace them more than every 3 months anyway.
wash your hands before you play and wipe down the guitar after you`ve finished, it will prolong your string life