Hey guys, over the summer im going to be putting together a guitar based off this kit here im going to customize some stuff in and on it (http://www.sagamusic.com/catalog/details.asp?ProductID=ST-10&CategoryID=4&FamilyID=2&BrandID=77) one of the main things i was gonna do was put DiMarzio humbuckers in instead of the single coil pickups and all of my past guitars have come with humbuckers in them so idk how to put the humbuckers in the strat if you guys could tell me about how all of this works that'd be great! Thanks!
not a gear builder, but surely all u have to do is widen the cavity for the pickup so it fits... i would think the wiring is more or less the same, but not sure. would probably need a wood router to cut out the cavity too
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depends on the routing. Strats come in sss, hss, hsh and swimming pool route (dont think ive ever seen Hhh) so if the routing is right then you will just need a new pickguard. if not you have to route yourself. Wiring is similar to normal, but there are TWO grounds, and two others are soldered to each other only. Which wires are which depend on the manufacturer, look on dimarzios website for colour codes