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Favourite solo of all time: High Hopes(Both solos)
Favourite solo that I can play: High Hopes(Both Solos)
Muse - Hysteria
Boston - More Than a Feeling
GnR - Dont Cry / Sweet Child / November Rain
Velvet Revolver - Slither

god i could go on for days !!
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My Favorite solo of all time is I won't see you tonight part 1, both
My Favorite solo that I can play is The wicked end

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Favorite solo - Jerry Cantrell's solo in Nutshell, hands down and without question.

That I can play - I'm gonna say Queensryche - Silent Lucidity. It's not hard by any means, but I think the phrasing and note choice is beautiful. In Flames - Cloud Connected is a close second, though.
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Silent Night Bodom Night/Bodom Beach Terror from Stockholm Knockout :P

Favorite that I can play? Bed of Razers.. its the only one I can play besides hordes of chaos by kreator
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Comfortably Numb (second solo) - one of the best of all time

favorite that I can play - Livin Lovin Maid by Zepp (easy I know, but Im a rythym player)

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Favorite solo (for the moment at least): The solo in Selkies: The Endless Obsession, or I Will Return

Favorite solo I can play well: The short one in The Dissentience
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Skid Row- Wasted Time by Scotti Hill matches the mood of the song perfectly!
favortie solo: The ending solo of Octavarium and Comfortably Numb (the last one)

favorite solo i can play: Under a Glass Moon
All time fav: Constantly changes, but at the moment I'd have to say Images by Cacophony.
Favourite solo that I can play: Jato Unit - Jeff Loomis, any of them really because they sound good and are great exercises.
favorite solo Whitesnake- Crying in the Rain, seriously i know they're cheezy but that song and solo are amazing.
Favorite Solo Ever: Probably the solo Dimebag did on Planet Caravan. Beautiful phrasing, and sweetly mellow.

Favorite Solo To Play: There's too many to pick (for both catagories), but I like playing alot of Slash's solos from his GNR period: November Rain, Knockin' On Heaven's Door, etc. Dime's solos as well; Metallica; SRV --TOO MANY AWESOME SOLOS TO COUNT!
Favourite Solo - Scream - Avenged Sevenfold
Favourite Solo i can play - I can't decide but its between Bat Country and Whole Lotta Love
Favorite Solo- RHCP Scar Tissue

and i play bass, but favorite bass solo is Violent Femmes- Please Do Not Go
Duane Allman's solo in the Live at the Fillmore version of In Memory of Elizabeth Reed and Pink Floyd's Dogs

Actually it's close between Dogs and Any Colour you Like, but solos don't get that much better than Dogs.

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Favorite Solo- Either the second solo in Comfortably Numb or No Woman, No Cry (Marley off of Legend).

Favorite Solo I Can Play- The second solo from Comfortably Numb.
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favorite solo today: Shawn Lane- Get You Back

favorite solo I can play- Jason Becker - Air
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This is very hard...

Favorite solo of all time: Mrs. Beasley by Buckethead or Maggot Brain by Funkadelic

Favorite solo I can't Play: Cry for You by Andy Timmons

Favorite solo I can play: Mrs. Beasley by BH, Cult of One by BH, Maggot Brain by Funk, and so on and so forth
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This is very hard...

Favorite solo of all time: Mrs. Beasley by Buckethead

Totally forgot this one. ****ing amazing.
Favourite solo in death metal: Necrophagist - Fermented Offal Discharge or Advanced Corpse Tumor
I can play about half of each of them.

Favourite solo in black metal: Ulver - Troldskog Faren Vild

Power Metal: Helloween - I Want Out
I can play all of those last two

Think that covers the genres not yet covered yet. Of course there's the obvious comfortably numb etc.

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Favourite solo: Second Comfortably numb solo (Hands down, IMO)
Favourite solo I can Play: Comfortbaly Numb
Current Favorite Solo: Selkies or White Walls

Favorite I Can Play: the sweeping in Selkies or one of the solos I've written for my own music.
All time favorite would definitely be Eruption by Van Halen
My favorite that i can play, You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi
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All time favorite would definitely be Eruption by Van Halen
My favorite that i can play, You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi

And that is an awesome solo. Richie Sambora is hugely underrated, IMO.

His solo stuff is far better than anything he did with Bon Jovi as well.
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Favorite is probably War Pigs by Black Sabbath
Favorite one I can play... I think I'd have to go with Ride the Lightning by Metallica. The harmonized pull-off runs at the end are funner than hell
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i have no idea. it changes all the time honestly. a few are

eric clapton on cream's version of"crossroads"

jimi hendrix "machine gun" live at the filmore

eric johnson "cliffs of dover" live at the bottom line NY

ill just leave it at those for now. as for the favorite solo i can play, not sure. i dont really ever learn other people's solos.
Favourite to listen to: Jeff Beck on Rod Stewart's "People Get Ready" or Mark Knopfler's "Sultans of Swing" or You Shook Me All Night Long.

Favourite to play: geez.... I generally don't learn other people's solos. I guess my favourite to play would be Crime Rate or The Preacher and the Clown by my own band. Unless you include classical stuff that I used to be able to play, in which case, then hands-down becomes "Theme and Variations on Mozart's Magic Flute" by Fernando Sor.

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I don't have a single favorite, but for the sake of the thread I'll say the studio version of Devil Take the Hindmost by Allan Holdsworth.

Favorite solo I can play..... I don't really have one. I pretty much like them all.
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Without a doubt it's John Mclaughlin's Do You Hear The Voices You Left behind.

This solo/tune changes my life forever. It was the very first John Mclaughlin tune I had heard. Every time I hear it, it brings me right back to the moment of eye opening inspiration.

John is one of the few guitarists I even listen to these days.
Kurt Rosenwinkel's solo on 'Zhivago' is stellar.
I also really enjoy "Exiles' solo, by Fripp. So composed.
Fave solo....Tipton's solo in Beyond the realms of death - Judas Priest

Fave solo I can play....Tipton's solo in Beyond the realms of death - Judas Priest
Metallicafan616, you have an excellent taste in metal

Favorite solo:Venom Teachers Pet
Favorite solo I can play: Peace Sells intro solo
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