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So what are the best and worst companies you have dealt with directly? By far, the best I have dealt with is Dunlop.


I have done this before and they are extremely nice and helpful when it comes to accessories.
This will be a thread of favorites.


Best: I would say most companies higher end guitars are all pretty good. However, I always think PRS makes exceptional quality guitars.

Worst: Dean. Ugly and I've just never played one I really liked. I'm sure they have some nice models but they've never done it for me.
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I also love dunlop. The Dunlop brand is spectacular, but where the joy really lies for me is MXR pedals. They are the best quality (non-boutique) pedals around imo.

In terms of guitars: I am a huge gibson fan boy, what can you do.

Worst company: BC Rich, Dean or Washburn. Just hilarious
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somebody is a bit cheap.....

I'd agree but picks are expensive now.
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Yes! In 4 free picks.
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somebody is a bit cheap.....

well they are all different, and before I go off buying a bag of twelve I want to see which is best.
Dunlop/MXR are really good about customer service. Also as a side note, MXR makes by far the best sounding most durable pedals on the market.
You know I've just realised after 20 years of ownership my dual rec has a clean channel!
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You know I've just realised after 20 years of ownership my dual rec has a clean channel!

All of our days are numbered
I’ve taken some comfort
In knowing the wave has crested
Knowing I don’t have to be an exception
I must say PRS... exceptional.
I must also say, the custom shop Dean guitars are fantastic, if you only want to spend £300, then you get what you deserve.
Well im unsure if you mean customer service wise or in terms of quality of products.

As far as Lower end guitars go I like Ibanez. You can really get bang for your buck with an Ibanez.

Schecter makes good mid ranged guitars very solid and very nice looking especially their clear finishes which show off the figure of the woods.

I play very few high end guitars even when I go to music stores. But the best guitar I have played so far has to be the John Petrucci JP 5. That guitar was just amazing. While it did not have the clear finish that I love it was still a great guitar. So easy to play and it sounded great!
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I can get a used MIJ tokai for £300. (Well, maybe a bit more.)

I'd take that over a cheap Dean anyday...

Fair point, but I was referring to new factory guitars.
Schecter, Fender and PRS. Schecter make really good and solid low-priced guitars.
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Best: IMO either Jackson, Charvel, or Fender. Gibson makes fantasic instruments, but as of late their quality control sucks and their customer service is awful. PRS is up there as well, but I've never been a fan of those. Schecter makes great quality guitars that are at a good price point. Ibanez is great as well, they've never satisfied the 'sound' that I'm looking for. And if we're including pedals, I agree that Dunlop is unbelievably good. I can't use anything other than their Tortex sharps, and I LOVE my Slash wah.
Worst: Probably Dean, other than the VMNT, I've never played one that I 'loved'. My friend had horror stories with his Dean From Hell replica, and for a $700 guitar, it just felt cheap.
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I'm an ESP man.. My only problem is that they continue to release great models then discontinue them as soon as I get a chance to save
Best: Rothwell Audio Products, Zilla Cabs.

Worst: Vampire guitars (He actually posted multiple status's on facebook, about my guitar ability because I questioned his status of "that vintage gear is no where near as good as modern gear"
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Best: Ibanez and Yamaha make great guitars for under £300 but i Love my Js1000 aswell which i think beats plenty of expensive gibsons and fenders, Godin from canada make guitar for about £500 that sound unbelievably good.

Worst: Heard bad things about squire but never played one, Encore are awful guitars and i have experiance with them.
Larrivee (acoustic)
G&L (electric)

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Carvin is a joy to deal with and you can get a high quality semi custom for a very reasonable price, at least in North America.
i've only technically dealt with one company, EMG, so they account for both? the stuff i got wasn't damaged or anything it just took like a month to get here
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Best: Fender & Hmm. I Really have to say Cort. For Some Reason. They're Bodied Guitars have more quality then they're Damn Wooden Ones. I looked up wood on the Cort . they used Seperate Chunks Of Plywood. and glue em together. Horrible Quality. But The Plastic Ones are Light, Affordable, And are Great little Lower end guitars.
I Would say Cort > Squier / Epi / And Other Small Companies. Cort's Arent Really known. but I Love how the Stocks Come with a Routed body and are Archtop. Feels like Buying an Ibanez cuz of the price. but I Gotta say that it feels like a Schecter / ESP Typa feeling when Played. Really Nice For PLASTIC. It has Amazingly Long Sustain. the Standard Plastic Models (Discontinued) Are Stock With EMG's From HSH , SSH , SSS , HSS , HH , SS , and H. I Think Theyre EMG 81's and 85's For The Humbucker Depending on the Model (The HSH Brings 1 of Each) And For The Single Coil its a EMGSA Active Single Coil. Pretty Damn Nice Offer For Less then $250. Corts are Korean / Japanese / American Made From What ive heard. My Cort is Japanese Made (BEST EVERRRRRR) and i love it. Ima Post Pics on it when its Finished.
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This will be a thread of favorites.


Best: I would say most companies higher end guitars are all pretty good. However, I always think PRS makes exceptional quality guitars.

Worst: Dean. Ugly and I've just never played one I really liked. I'm sure they have some nice models but they've never done it for me.

I second both sides of this one's paradigm.

I've played like 2 Deans, but didn't like either, and they are indeed ugly (in my opinion of course).

But PRS, wow, love every one I've ever played. If the anniversary guitars weren't several thousand bucks, I'd get one. Until I can afford to do so, I may just get one of the lower end models.

Don't really like Ibanez much, I'm a fan of Gibson, and Fender, I like me a Les Paul, and I like me a MIA Fat Strat.
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good= schecter, Jackson, gibson, and if you choose to believe, a lot of Epiphone guitars are good.
bad= dean, bc rich
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No flamefests yet!

IMO, PRS, Blackstar, and Fulltone are some of the best. Never cared for BC Rich, Dean, or Line 6.
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BEST : ESP, they make quality guitars with extremely playable necks and actions, and they are easily affordable. Truely a customer oriented company

WORST: I'd almost have to go with BC Rich, I mean, they make a few good guitars but their lower end guitars are just crap in my opinion.
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I'm still a beginner and can only speak from the "wow" factor of experience , but the first electric I saw/played was an ibanez not sure what model but it was a friend's and he could play exceptionally well so naturally at first it was the greatest. Then my grand father bought me a fender acoustic as a high school graduation gift and it was amazing up until it was stolen when I went over seas. And now I have my very own esp. So....

Good: esp for electric, fender for acoustic
Bad: I was given a Washburn Lyon electric a couple months ago and it was subpar in quality even after a setup.
The last dunlop thumb picks i bought came in a pack of 5. Intunegp worked with me and sent me samples of picks to try out before i designed my custom design pick.  They are a steal if you ask me. 100 guitar picks with your logo/ signature starting at $35. 

For guitars I think Ibanez electrics and yamaha acoustics give you the best bang for your buck.
I haven't dealt with any company directly, save Agile/Rondomusic. Kurt's no slimey salesman and can be very straight forward, won't be around the bush. He will say yes or no and mean it, no bones about it.

As far as preference, I lean towards Schecter as my main brand because of feel, value, and ease of acquisition. That said, I'm not going to kick Jackson or Ibanez to the curb. Personally, whatever Schecter puts out tends to jive with me over other brands whenever I have one in hand. I'm not a big Epiphone guy, but to be fair, I'm not big on the Les Paul style either (again, Schecter wins for me with the Solo II). It's not my thing, and while I can appreciate Epiphone's stuff, I am just not an LP guy.

As far as negatives, I'm not big on DR strings. I know they get pimped a lot for drop tunings, but I've not had good luck with them. I've had their strings break on several occasions versus Ernie Ball or D'Addario, not to mention they cost more. 

Keep in mind, I've only been dabbling for two years, so, I wouldn't consider myself an expert. I do better understand why people like specific aspects of a brand over others. 
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Even though this is a necro this is actually quite a good discussion topic.

Speaking purely about my experience dealing with the companies themselves, regardless of the quality of the products...

I've had a great experience with Ibanez, Elixir Strings, Kemper, Guitar Center and Thomann.
I hope TS has gotten to be less of a cheap son of a bitch in the last 7 years.
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Best: Schecter, Esp, and Ibanez
Worst: PRS (That's mostly because as a lefty I'm salty that they refuse to make a left handed model, their fretboards are actually orgasmic)
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