Okay this tune is a swing piece, I guess that's what its called if someone has a proper name for it please share haha. Anyway I have little to no experience with this kind of music I just needed to try it, it's not my only attempt.

So crit it please, I'll return the favor

And the drum parts were nearly the death of me, so many notes you can barely hear but sounds horrible without x.x

In my profile btw.
Dude! This is a really sick recording! You did all of these parts?! Parts of this are kind of Jaco Pastorius in a way. Have you ever thought of being a studio musician? If you've only been playing bass for 4 months and you're already playing these parts, you'd definitely have a shot at it. Seriously, gnarly!
Oh well I haven't updated my profile in a while it's been like a year since I have so sorry I'm not gifted like that:p

Oh and I don't want to be a studio musician, I really want to be a composer, technician, or MIDI/DAW/Software music guy.

(I wrote/sampled the drum parts, I didn't play them by the way, they aren't loops or pre-recorded I programmed them)
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I really liked this! You have some really good dynamic contrasts, and I enjoyed the choatic nature of the music. You never really knew where it was going to go, and the several instrumental solos were excellent. I have nothing to add; I'm at a loss for improvements. This is really cool, and unexpected from this website (I thought I was the only not-metal head). Good luck with your music future?

C4C? I'm nowhere near as competent as you, so I'd really appreciate your imput!https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1329737

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Yes I did notice it was chaotic at times and I kind of went all out with dynamics because I thought thats what jazz/swing music did, might be wrong.

The one thing I don't like about this song is, I don't think it transitions very well. Does anyone else think so?

And criting yours scmiffty, you'd be surprised at how much non-metal there is here
As you pointed out, some of the transitions are prett rough, but the abstract nature of the song somewhat provides a cover for that. Aside from that, I found the song to be decent. It wouldn't be my prefered swing song to listen to, but I could picture something like this heading in the direction of a score for a film. Cheers!
Ok, since last critiquing I have realized that this is an electronic effort. Wow man! What you mean programmed them? You like, designed the code or something? That's all animal collective, have you ever heard them? They do crazy stuff with electronic music.
Oh sorry I didn't realize you already critted sorry (I thought you're song sounded familiar:p)

And I use Logic Studio, I programmed the parts on a piano roll and put the Brush Studio Kit on it (With some rack effects), and thats how they came out.

And Imma check that band out
This song is amazing! I am also a non-metalhead and a jazz lover (Out of place in ultimate-guitar), so it's a lovely breath of fresh air.

The bass is really groovy! And the piano, and the guitar is done very tastefully.

The good thing about this is like, it sounds like you didn't think about a genre before creating the music, it all sounds natural, like it fits properly.

I have no critique whatsoever, I think the track is brilliant.

...Which makes posting mine kind of embaressing now. Oh well. Care to critique mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1331422 Thanks.