OK guys, I'd like to report an issue with my amp. As of 5 minutes ago, every time I turn it on and turn the volume past 0, instead of my lovely guitar sound I get something that sounds like radio static. A lot of radio static. I'll post a sound clip soon but in the meantime - HELP. Oh, and there are no obvious issues with the power tubes as far as I can tell (although they did just start making some faint popping sounds). I just got it back from the repair shop and I need the amp for a weeklong workshop I'm doing starting saturday.

It's occured to me that it might be the fuse, anyone have any idea?
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Something similar occurs to my amp (it's a solid state), it catches the radio signals from the cops and cabs in the street hahaha, but I don't know why
What did the repair shop do for a fix? (what was the problem before)

Check to see if those are actually the same tubes you had before.
I have heard of some "repairs" actually involve a sneaky switch with bad tubes.