I owned a Vox VT30 for a year and then it broke on me (it won't work at all now). Guitar Center said they didn't do amp repairs but since we had a warranty we could refund it ($270). So since my Vox is now a giant lightup paperweight, I'm looking into a new amp. My budget is in the $600-700 range and it just so happened while I was there yesterday that there was a used Marshall JCM2000 TSL (60w) for $650. I played with it for a bit and liked it a lot but I only had a few minutes with it, and I wanted to do some more research.

My biggest concern is reliability. I'm going to college soon and don't want to waste $700 on another amp that will probably break on me. Do these amps have good reliability? Also what's the range of tones these things can usually do (there were three channels and it seemed like it could cover most genres)? Also how well does the wattage handle in a band setting? (it's 60 watts so I'd expect it to but I was just curious).
The TSL is really bad, trust me, get the DSL.

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