Im thinking on buying an LTD MH-50 this Saturday :-D a vast upgrade from my previous First Act and Squire guitars

But Im just a little nervous about having to deal with the Floyd Rose tremolo system...

Sorry if any questions seem stupid i jsut have no clue about it though lol

1.Is it difficult to get used to?

2. How am I supposed to tune it? And is that difficult?

3. Can you give me some tips?
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1. No, it's not that difficult to get used to.

2. The first time's kind of a pain in the ass, but after that, unless you change string gauges, it's relatively painless.

3. There's videos all over youtube on how to set one up.
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There is a stickied thread right at the top of this forum that explains everything you need to know about Floyd Rose style bridges.
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The best advice would be to learn to transpose everything into standard tuning, you're not gonna want to change tunings.
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