Today I went to a store testing some bassguitars (I had no money but still )
I played a fretless bass (no line on the fretboard), I'm not sure I it was bolt on or not but I think it was neck through.
It looked like Warwick/spector, it had one pickup like a Musicman and I think it had 3 knobs
And the wood looked like: indian rosewood or wenge (so actually dark brown)
and it had no lacquer finish, you could really feel the grain

I liked this bass so much I would think of purchasing it so please help me
When you say it looked like a Warwick or Spector, it doesn't really help, because there are different models in each Manufacturer. Find a picture that looks similar and post it.

My advice, go back to the store and ask someone what it is called. That is the most simple way of finding out.

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thats really not enough information sorry man, go to the store and check the tag haha
Well a Warwick with one pickup indicates an FNA
Composite Aficionado

Spector and Markbass
It's not en FNA it was very close but the pickup was more near the bridge and I think the bridge was different.
I'm going to try to find their store online and mail them maybe that might help.
But those who already helped: Thank you!
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Found their e-mail so I'm going to mail them
I'll let you guys know which bass it was and how much it costs
It's a Rok Axe and it sells for 169 euro (which is 207 dollar)
It's used but now I don't know save for my TU1000 (still need 66 euro)
or buy this (still need 41 euo) but I'm getting 25 euro soon so it would only be 41 euro until the TU1000 or 16 euro for the Rok Axe