I have my blackstar ht-5 and marshall jtm cab for sale at the minute,
i've listed the pair as £300.. not to high or too low..

one of the offered i have recieved is a peavey valveking 112 (50w) combo..

i've never really heard of the valveking before, just wanted to know if it was worth considering?
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honestly, the valve king is a really mediocre amp at best. i think yours sounds better by a long shot. i dont think its really worth it.

ooh ok then,
i listed i was after a gigging amp, any ideas what kinda amps i should looking for in a trade for mine?
speaking from past experience, i've only had it a handful of times (under 10) where they didn't mic my amp. the rest of the times (somewhere in the mid hundreds), they have always miced it, no matter if i brought in a 100 watt half stack or a 10 watt combo. honestly, 5 watts can get pretty loud, but not exactly enough for a gig generally. my honest suggestion if you like you amp would be to try gigging with it a few times, but ask before hand about micing your amp. i was always shocked when they let us play unmiced. the sound guys tend to like having full control over sound/volume, so they generally dont let you do it.

that being said, if you're playing gigs where you dont have people doing sound, or you cant use house speakers (which i've encountered quite a bit), invest in your own PA and mic. about $700 is enough for that when the time comes.

hope that helped!
ahh, i just assumed i needed something like 15-30w of tube to gig...

id also like more headroom, but i guess i would need more watts to get that..
if its headroom you're after, then maybe a new amp is in order. if you're struggling to keep up with a drummer, you may want to upgrade. otherwise, it may not be worth it. you're not going to find that many amps out there that sound as good as yours (in my opinion) that are in your price range. you may stumble upon a great trade, but i wouldnt get my hopes up.

anyway, what sort of sounds are you after? what bands do you cover and what genres do you play? maybe we can help find suitable amp trade suggestions for ya!
well id have to sell mine to get a new one!
i recently played a tiny terror combo, which was out my price range, but i loved the drive tone on that thing!
im after a kinda british voiced drive sound, good cleans, sort of british indie type of cleans, with a bit of crunch...
lol at trading that for a valveking

sell the blackstar, keep the cab and pick up a JCA20h, see how you like it.
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