Ok, maybe not quite that spectacular but it's a pretty nice guitar

Ibanez Artcore AG86 TRD - this one has been upgraded with a Seymour Duncan Phat Cat in the bridge position (P90 in a humbucker harness), anti-feedback block, and upgraded bridge.


Price: $350 used (craigslist buy)

Been looking for a guitar for smooth jazz and blues and had never considered this style of guitar as I never "got" the style. Being less into looks and more into sound these days I started looking into these hollow/semi-hollow guitars.

Guitar does look fantastic and is pretty light as you'd expect with most of the body being gone! Cream binding all around the guitar. Sound is fantastic and I haven't even dialed in a nice jazz tone yet (Line 6 Spider IV...need to try the Lee Ritenour presets). Smooth clean tone for jazz and clean blues, a bit of distortion makes nice sound with blues as well.

String spacing is fairly wide - not sure about the nut width, but with my longer fingers it's a comfortable neck. It's strung up with less than idea 13's IMO...I'm going to try some nickel 11's when my setup is done in a few days. Nice pearl inlays on the neck as well.

I am officially banning myself from CL


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Oh boy...

HNGD nonetheless.

lol!! Yea, it's not the best - I'm going to consider some other amp options.

thanks for the comments! I love the thing after sitting down with it for a couple hours last night and this morning before work. It'll fit right in at guitar lessons tonight as I'm learning a blues version of Folsom Prison Blues