Hello folks.

I`ve been trying out different setups of my gear and found some interesting combination I like.
So excluding everything subjective I propose that you listen to the records and try to guess what is going on between the guitar and the sound card. Or you just heard kinda similar sound on some setup etc - feel free to post.
C'mon, everyone loves blind tests in the end

The records are in my pro and labeled "Guess the gear". All the sound differences are made by turning the guitar volume knob only.


Cheers. Ace
Line 6 spider 3 on both.

What am I supposed to guess about, the distortion pedal? The amp? The guitar? Vague to say the least.
The guitar is a Greco LP '81, the speaker is Jensen P12Q. The mic is Tesla AMD410N.
The interested part is the pedal/amp. I.e. the distortion.