I am im just saying id like to know..im still buying it either way..but ive seen them for like $500 new and the case alone is worth $100 so 110 just sounds way to cheap so im just wondering if its a knock off or the real thing :P From what i understand from the serial number its made in indonesia may 2007
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Yea its real.

he even posted a pic of the back of the headstock to show you the serial number and everything.
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1st character indicates the factory, the next two numbers are the year (bear in mind that a 07 could mean 2006,2007,2008) they aren`t accurate, the next string of digits are the unique number, however don`t ask ibanez about these unique numbers as they don`t keep records unless it`s a limited anniversary model. all other serial numbers are randomly attached to ibanez guitars. the only time the serial number is of any relevance is for service and if you need to take it to a tech, so that your guitar can be identified as yours.

the serial number looks legit
Alright cool thanks everyone...its about a 4 hour 150 mile round trip to get it but worth it in my opinion
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-Gibson Les Paul Studio
-Marshall AVT150H w/MG412A
-Cry baby Classic Wah