Just yesterday, the bridge pickup started turning pink at the top. I have no pics right now cuse I'm posting this from my Itouch, but I'm guessing it's rusting? Anything I can do or will I have to replace the covers? It's not affecting the sound at all, it just looks odd.
It's probably just your sweat reacting with something in the covers, I can't imagine it doing any real damage other than looking weird.

Guess it's an excuse to get some new pickups, eh

But no, I wouldn't worry. Until it affects the sound, or goes onto the pole pieces, you'll be fine.
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Ok, thanks. That's what I said. It's an excuse to get some better pickups. :P. It was used anyways so I expected something odd to happen soon.

So when I want it to look nice should I get new pickups or new covers? Apparently they sell covers for around 20 bucks, and new/better pickups cost about 70-120$ each. Is the sound difference big enough to warrant a new pickup purchase?
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Rusted pickup covers really won't make any difference whatsoever except look bad. so unless your super anal retentive about the appearance of your guitar, it shouldn't be a problem. Almost all the humbucker screws on my SG are rusted, but it still plays beautifully. And yes like said above it's mostly from sweating.
it wont be a problem as long as the rust stays on the surface. if you try to scrape it off itll likely get into the poles and start self-destructing the pickup, so just remember that
I might replace the covers sometime. Only when I know tons of people are gonna see the guitar though. I really just wanted to know if it would turn into a disaster sometime, which it's most likely not, so thanks.