I'm liking the effects at the beginning. Sounds huge and the quiet panning guitar is sick. I think the drums may compressed a little much and the cymbals sound a little weird. Reminded me of a slightly more melodic version of Whitechapel, where the whole song is brutal enough that the breakdowns don't seemed forced.

IMO: Loose the first 20 secs, way to like ''Slipknot'' (on MFKR) by Slipknot, then around the 2:10 mark+ it sounded like ''A lot like vegas'' by Bring Me The Horizin. But i liked it! something i'd like to learn.
This is pretty cool. Ridiculously heavy, very accomplished and tight. Has a lot of the sound of new 'death metal' stuff - gotta agree there's a sound of BMTH there - mainly that bouncing around in the diminished that does that I guess.

Watch out when you're recording the guitars, it sounds like you overloaded your mic or possibly a later stage in the production just a touch.

Still, very accomplished, be good to hear this with vocals included and when it's complete!
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